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Sidharth Kapoor

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Expand Your Career With Headways Solutions. Sky is Limit –

At Headways Corporate Solution, business is about people and we are looking for people with a passion, people who have big visions and dreams about their career and are willing to go extra mile with the creativity. We are so particular about the people we hire because we started up with just a handful of people and now we have grown enormously because of the passion and zest of that bunch of people.

If you willing to take the next step in your career and do not mind spending an extra hour with us, we are ready to work with people like you. We are not looking simply for a candidate but for that extra something that is present within you deep down. We have a history of hiring people who don't just fit the description of the job entitles but stretch the limits.

At Headways, our work culture encourages openness and creativity. We offer an inspiring work environment with all sorts of activities needed to build a team and regular dealings with leading multinational customers from around the world.

We are the most comfortable person to work with – we are not looking for people who look good just to satisfy their egos or prove something. We hire people who are comfortable with their own skins. If you think you fit the Headways job description, email us your resume.

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