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About Headways Consulting

Where expertise does make a difference –

Headways is an administrative services organization which offers their clients with affordable and integrated HR services including employee benefits, payroll, talent acquisition and human resources management. We offer our services to clients, who lack the resources to deal with the long list of complex issues related to HR. Our clients range from small to mid-sized businesses, charter, nonprofits and private high end organizations. We make sure that your company is capable of controlling capital costs and operate more efficiently with minimized legal risk.

Save time with us -

Our clients trust us with their back office activities and we strategically help them to reach their business goals. Apart from this, we also offer full range corporate services, tax consultancy and legal advises which improve our client’s strategic decisions with regard to market, region or country they operate in. We offer best in the class advisory and outsourcing services.

As a professionally qualified team with ethical standards, we understand that not all businesses are same and thus we perfectly handle position of our clients by understanding their market and their needs by actually working with them at each step. We ensure the fact that our clients enter the market safe and smooth with minimized risks and without experiencing any superfluous surprises.

What makes Headways different from other companies in the market?

Knowledge -

Our professionally trained experts understand the local market perfectly and all its associated financial, regulatory compliance and legal requirements.

Control –

We have a worldwide network which we fully utilize to offer our clients global reporting and all the contacts for operating of their businesses across the globe. Our local expertise coupled with modern technology, risk control and transparency is best in the market.

Flexibility –

Our team of experts offers tailored services to individual companies which are perfectly blend with all the needs of a business and is invoiced in whatever location or currency preferred by our client.

Packages -

We offer our clients complete package of balanced business services.

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