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Start Ups

Headways is one-stop shop for the start ups in the market today. We serve as a biggest launch pad for all the start-ups irrespective of market they want to enter. We are a collaborative business platform for every start up that are looking for a support to grow and to generate revenues. Powered by passion, our approach is simple! Understand the requirements, expectations, of clients, and walk that extra distance to deliver the promise. With an extensive network of trusted contacts and consultants, we can take care of any or all of your operational aspects. Here are certain services given below, which are carried out by us for our clients.

1. Incorporating your entity:- Our firm meets all the legal obligations and the requirements needed for the commencement of your business.

2. Building your brand web, mobile and social presence:- Our firm will allow to register your presence or the presence of your start up among all other businesses through branding, web, mobile etc.

3. Help recruit the right talent:- Hiring the right kind of personnel will just boost the working of your organization. But how would you do so if you have just started a business? Our firm will recruit the right talent for you.

4. Infrastructure set up:- The setting up of the business infrastructure is also a mile stone to be reached. Infrastructure will help in harmonizing your talents and giving them such an environment which will just bring the best out of those.

5. Channel set up:- Selecting the right kind of channel of distribution for various purposes is one of the various important decisions that make a business successful and help you in reaching out a lot of them at one time.

6. Building your sales and marketing engine:- Building up of the sales and marketing system is rather difficult task than you imagine. In this era of of so much competition, one needs to play the marketing and sales card impeccably otherwise he would fail in establishing his reputation.

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As a start up, we at Headways fully understand that your main concern is to grow your business and generate revenue therefore apart from our experience and knowledge, we call our business professionals and wide spread network of service providers to help you and your business at the time of need.

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Human Resource Solution

We specialize in catering the premium quality human resource solutions for companies belonging to various industrial units.

Business Support Solutions

Headways is very much determined to educate, usher, teach and supervise entrepreneurs to have a better living and business.

Legal Solutions

Headways has aimed at becoming the India's leading legal solutions provider company & catering superfluity of legal services .

Corporate Social responsibilities

HEADWAYS believes that present social marketing idea of organizations is continually developing.

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